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New Project Serving as Lead Blog Coordinator for a Fabric Company

Mabel Madison's Rolling Robots - Blue - Verhees Jersey Knit and Solid Gray Stenzo Knit I’ve got some great news today. I will be serving as lead blog coordinator and as a promotional consultant for Mabel Madison.  Mabel Madison is an independently run fabric company specializing in Euro fabrics. They sell both woven and knit fabrics, and they have some great unique fabrics I haven’t seen available anywhere else. The fabric to the right came from them, and I used it to make a 6-9 months size sleeper. I am also planning to make a 6-9 months t-shirt and shorts with the fabric. I am quite excited to get started on this project and to work with a strong team to help promote the products they sell.

Footie coverall made from Mabel Madison fabricsSpeaking of sewing, a date and time have been set for the launch party for Ronda B. Handmade and the Smashed Metatoes™ line of children’s clothing. The date is July 16th, 2016 from 5:00 pm CST until 6:00 pm CST. There will be a discount code available to only those who register ahead of time, good for the weekend, so be sure to register on Facebook. There will be games and ample opportunity to ask questions about my custom and mystery box products.

That’s all the big news I have to share with you right now, I’m looking forward to sharing more great news with you soon! (Be on the lookout for an announcement about the re-publication of a book on self-improvement and success I co-authored with Murali Chemuturi.)

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