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What I’ve Been Working On – October Edition

what-ive-been-working-onSo…I came down with the creeping crud. Fever, headache, sore throat, joint aches…yuckiness. It’s particularly yucky since I have a lot to do, and being in bed resting really isn’t part of that plan. Plus, October kicks off the start of my favorite time of year. I have decorating to do! All of that said, my “hey this is what I’ve been doing” post and other posts got delayed.


I worked on some edits for a teen book, and I’m waiting for more of that book to be sent to me so I can edit some more of it. I’m excited about where the author is going with it. I’m also getting started on a project writing descriptions of photos for a photographer. Finally, I’m putting the finishing touches on a blog post for a client.


I still need to finish transferring my domain information to my new hosting for the new homeschooling blog almost ready to launch. I can’t wait to share it with all of you. For Wining Wife®, I wrote several new posts, and I posted two guest posts. I’m still looking for someone to guest post 1-2 wine reviews a month through May since I won’t be drinking any wine for the coming months. Here were the posts that went up since I last blogged here:

I have some crafty tutorials I want to share on Wining Wife®, and some other fun things that will go up on the blog this month. I’m also planning on updating the blog’s theme so that it reflects that it’s a lifestyle blog.

I wrote about plastic-eating bacteria on Activism My Way, and I’m hoping to finish an article for that blog that discusses ways to get involved with relief efforts for Hurricane Matthew.

I’m working on a guest post for a major blog as well.

Ronda B. Handmade

I got a Cameo 3 and a Curio, and I’ve been working on bringing more custom products into the shop. I have a bunch of earrings to upload, and I need to sit down and finish lots of children’s clothes so I can photograph them and add them to the store. I’m really excited about this project still.

Other News

I finished my series on being productive; you can find it on this blog. I am hoping to put together some blog posts on how to do things like make a time map and boost focus. I have a lot of other irons in the fire at the moment, if I can just keep further colds at bay!

What have you been working on lately?

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