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What I’ve Been Working On – January

what-ive-been-working-on-1January has been an interesting month, full of your usual “getting started for the year”-type tasks. We had some freezing rain earlier this month, and I’ve been settling into the new routine for the year. It’s a fresh year, and there’s good stuff on the horizon!

Consulting Work

In the past few months, I’ve done some consulting and freelance work. I have edited academic abstracts; written for an alternative health website; created blog posts for an addiction and recovery center; and provided posts, including this one on nostalgia and marketing, for the EVG content marketing blog, Campfire. If you have a need for a writer or editor, please get in contact with me at rbowen (at)

Independent Scholar Work

I provided a blurb for the back of a pop culture and philosophy book. I have an essay I’m working on for a literary arts magazine, and I’m putting together abstracts for a couple of volumes. I’m also waiting to hear back about possible involvement with a couple of forthcoming encyclopedias.

Nonfiction Work

I’m continuing to edit the book on personal success to prepare it for publication. I’m hoping it will be ready next month to submit.

Fiction and Poetry

I submitted a short story I’ve been working on to the Nelson Algren Short Story Award. I’m hoping to finish another short story and get it “submission ready” in the coming weeks. I also want to prepare a self-published volume of poetry for release in October’s Domestic Violence Awareness month. I’ve planned it for some time, I just need to get it formatted.


There are new posts up over at Wining Wife®, including this review of Killing It, a helpful guide for entrepreneurs who are looking for tips on how to achieve more balance in their lives and this post highlighting some of the challenges I’ve overcome in my life.

Over at Activism My Way, I’m hoping to find some guest bloggers who would like to write about causes or organizations they are passionate about. If you or someone you know would like to promote a cause or organization, please send your information to info (at)

My third blog is almost ready to launch. Watch this space for more information. This blog will be aimed at home educators who are looking for secular homeschooling ideas.


A interview I did with Donny Brown and Amy Vanderoef was published in the Fall 2016 issue of Equanimity Magazine. I have a few more interviews in the works for upcoming issues.

I’m looking for a graphic designer interested in possible collaboration (and profit sharing) for a startup magazine. If interested, please send an email to snarkmag (at) gmail. Information about the magazine can be found here: SNARK! Magazine.

Ronda B. Handmade

I redesigned the Ronda B. Handmade website, you can find it here. All sales will be done (for the time being) through my Facebook group, which you can find here. Please join! I have new stuff to add to the group all the time. I’m working on a pattern test for little boys, and I just finished up a pattern test for a really cute girls’ vintage style dress. I also have some upcoming blog tours I will be participating in through the blog on the site.

Nonprofit Work

We recently had a board meeting for J.B. Dondolo. The gala date for this year has been set, and we’re looking forward to a good year. We’re really hitting the clean water project hard this year. Every day without a clean water system at Igusi hospital is a day that the children there go without water. I’m also working on getting a Google grant to help with getting the word out about this great organization.

This week my “date night” with my husband involves bagging food for a local organization that distributes backpacks filled with food to children to take home for the weekends. I’m really looking forward to that.

I think that about covers what’s been going on! It’s a lot. I’m really looking forward to sharing more news about new projects soon.

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