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What I’ve Been Working On – March 2017

What I'm Working On March 2017February went by fast, didn’t it? Between Kansas weather trying to decide what it wants to do and the seeming death of my laptop (time for it to go into the shop), February was a very strange month. But, I did still manage to get some things accomplished.

Consulting Work

I continued work on the blog posts for the drug and alcohol recovery center this month. I also finished a new post for the EVG Campfire blog. One of my pieces was recently published in the Content Marketing Association’s newsletter, and another piece was recently published on the EVG Campfire Blog:

I also finished the redesign and rebranding of my consulting website: Writing, Research, and Editing by Ronda Bowen. Go check it out!

Freelance Work

I spoke with Noah McArthur a few days ago, so look to read about the talk we had in the upcoming special edition of Equanimity Magazine.

Independent Scholar Work

I will be contributing some encyclopedia entries to the forthcoming Environmental Health in the 21st Century: From Air Pollution to Zoonotic Diseases. I’m also wrapping up work on a couple of abstracts to submit to some philosophical essay collections.

Ronda B. Handmade

I’ve been busy working on my handmade business. I shipped out a custom infant bodysuit, made more quote notebooks, created a couple outfits for a blog tour, and finished a couple of pattern tests. This month, I have two blog tours I’m participating in, and I’m hoping to list more products in my group as well as on Etsy.


On Wining Wife®, I published a book review and a guest post. I’m hoping to get more up there very soon, including a backlog of guest posts, and a lot of fun things I want to share with my audience there.

I had one post go up on Activism My Way. I’m still needing people who would like to contribute posts about their favorite causes, organizations, and activists.

I also finished building the website for Just a Sec(ular) Homeschooler. I’m looking forward to rolling out the launch for that blog soon. Look for more updates on that soon.

As always, I have a bunch going on at all times! I’m looking forward to updating more soon.

What have you been working on? Please post your recent “wins” in the comments section!

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