What I’m Working On: April 2017

April showers bring May flowers, and it’s raining outside right now. Things have picked up a bunch – and accordingly, I was taken out by a nasty viral infection for a week. I’m playing catch-up a little bit after that, but I’m still on track. Thank goodness for good project management and productivity systems. (Speaking of, I need to talk about Todoist (affiliate link) soon). It’s also tax time, so I have that going on in addition to everything else I’m working on.

Consulting Work

I’ve still been writing for the recovery center, and this month I’m finishing up some articles about families in recovery. Those will go out this week. I’m working on another blog post for the EVG Campfire blog. I have three guest blogging posts lined up for the next few weeks, I’ll be reviewing some software. I’m also doing some work for a repeat client; I’ll be customizing emails for his email list to help spread awareness about a new service his company has in development. I also have two more contract relationships in development right now.

Freelance Work

The latest issue of Equanimity Magazine is out and available. You’ll be able to find my interview with Noah McArthur (cover model) inside. We talk about his businesses, his outlook on life, and the inspiring message he has to bring to others. You don’t want to miss it.

I also interviewed musical artist, Frankee Razor for this issue. Read an inspirational story of how a quick climb to the top on American Idol followed by hitting rock bottom helped Frankee to find himself and realize his passion for helping others.

Independent Scholar

I finished the articles for the forthcoming Environmental Health in the 21st Century: From Air Pollution to Zoonotic Diseases. So those are in and percolating. I’m finishing up work on an abstract for an “And Philosophy” volume, and I’m contemplating a co-editing opportunity that I will follow up on this week. Be on the lookout for the volume X-Files and PhilosophyI did not contribute an essay to this work, but I did provide a quote for the back of the book. These are always fun volumes to read through and have – especially for fans. (I did previously contribute to Psych and Philosophy, What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Lover, and  The Philosophy of Ang Lee.) I also have a couple of chapter proposals and abstracts I’m working on for other projects

Ronda B. Handmade

I’ve been plugging away at my handmade business. If you haven’t already, please stop by and take the poll on my website here. I am working on starting to stock my store with physical clothing items for the Smashed Metatoes™ line. Posts on the Ronda B. Handmade site include:

Creative Work

I submitted a short story, “Fireflies and Mice” to a publication last month. In addition, I made my first photography submission to another arts journal. I’m going to be submitting poetry to a third publication this week. I have other creative things in the works, but those are my focus right now.

Nonprofit Work

J.B. Dondolo just had a board meeting, unfortunately, I had no voice with which to participate in the meeting. However, we are preparing for the 2017 Gala. We have painted and replaced the windows and doors at the hospital in Igusi. We’re still working on getting clean water. I’ll have more information about how to participate in the Gala soon.

Non-Fiction Work

The volume on success is getting close to being ready for re-release. I am really looking forward to the republication of this work. More information will be available about this, soon.



The WiningWife® blog is picking up some steam. I have discontinued the use of unsolicited guest posts on the blog. I found that allowing them created too much stress on my end with the amount of editing, fact-checking, plagiarism monitoring, and ensuring that I am not sharing spam with my readers. Going forward, I will post guest posts from time-to-time, but the posters will be vetted ahead of time. Recent posts on WiningWife® include:

Upcoming posts include a review of a new kitchen gadget, more book reviews, and a couple posts about beer. I’m looking forward to it!

Activism My Way

I had one post go up on Activism My Way: Get Involved on International Women’s Day. I’m still looking for guest bloggers/regular writers for Activism My Way.

Just a Sec(ular) Homeschooler

This new blog is on schedule to launch this month. Look for the official announcement about its launch soon.

I think that’s it for right now. There is always stuff I’m working on, as usual.

What are you working on? Please share in the comments !

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