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What I’ve Been Working On: June 2017

I didn’t update in June because I was mostly away from my computer. I have a very good reason, though. We welcomed baby four, Miss Ladybug, to our family. You can read about her arrival on Wining Wife, here. Here she is:

That said, I haven’t done a lot in the past six weeks since her arrival. I’ve taken care of outstanding client projects, but mostly, I’ve taken things easy and enjoyed my time bonding with her and getting our family’s new routine down pat. This post, instead of being a retrospective, will be a post that is looking forward.

2017 is almost halfway done. Can you believe it? I can’t. I’m thinking about my goals for the next six months, and I’ve got a lot of good stuff on the horizon.


I’m looking forward to picking back up with Wining Wife and bringing more wine reviews to my readers now that I can enjoy wine tasting again. I’m still looking for some people to collaborate with on Activism My Way. I’m looking forward to launching Just a Sec(ular) Homeschooler soon.


I have an article coming out in Equanimity soon, and I’ve interviewed another great individual for the magazine. I’m looking forward to nailing down a second interview for the next issue of the magazine as well.

Non-Profit Work

I’m finding out more about a local organizing opportunity. I’m also working on pulling together a list of possible donors for J.B. Dondolo.


I’ve been working with a client on his public relations email project for the last couple of months and I plan to continue doing that. I’m also working with the recovery center and EVG on providing blog posts. I’m looking for a few more clients for this summer to round out my list.

Independent Scholar

I have a few projects I want to work on in this area. This means I need to carve out some time to put together some abstracts.

Fiction and Poetry

I’m waiting to hear back from the Missouri Review about my poetry submission to them.


I’m hoping to *finally* finish getting the new edition of the book on success I co-authored edited and back in publication.

Ronda B. Handmade

I have some new fabrics and I’m looking forward to stocking my store. I sent this outfit out in May to a customer.

I think that’s about it for now. I’ll have a lot more in the coming weeks, and i’m looking forward to sharing more productivity tips with you.

What have you been doing lately?

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