Motivation Monday

#MotivationMonday: Kick-Starting Your Week

It’s Monday! That means it’s time to get a good start on your week. Last week, we talked about motivators that get us moving on our goals. This week, we’re going to talk about great ways to kick-start your week to a good start. What sorts of things do you do to get ready for the week ahead?

Planning for a Great Week

The most important thing, when you’re trying to make progress on goals, is to have a great week. I use Monday mornings to look over my goals, my projects, and my action items. I then plan out what I will do for the week. By reviewing what’s going on each week before I dive in, I can be sure I’m not overlooking something important on the horizon.

Keeping Accountable

If you have big goals, and you don’t have an accountability partner yet, you’re missing out on a key way you can become more motivated. Every Monday, I check in with my accountability partner. We go over our “wins” from the previous week, our continuing projects, and new things we’d like to accomplish in the coming week.

Meal Prep

This is new. It’s something my husband and I have started to do on Sundays to keep us eating healthy for breakfasts, snacks, and lunches all week long. It now means that there is no excuse for either one of us having a healthy lunch or snack while in the trenches of tasks – and a well-fueled body is a productive body!

Getting a Big Win Out of the Gate

It’s also important to me to complete one big task off my action item list on Mondays. It sets the tone for a great and productive week.

By engaging in the above habits, it helps me to look forward to Mondays (as much as one can look forward to ending the weekend). What do you do to ensure you have a productive week? Share your Monday prep-work in the comments.

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