Motivation Monday

#MondayMotivation – Getting Back on the Horse When You Fall

Recently, there was a lot going on (isn’t there always). The kids were sick, then I got sick. We had the oldest come in from college for Thanksgiving. I managed to overdo it while running the Turkey Trot a couple weeks ago, and then I managed to step funny on my foot, causing my knee to twist. Needless to say, by the time I finally made it back to my No Boundaries running group, it had been two weeks since I’d run.

First, You Have to Get Back Up

I cannot tell you how many times life has knocked me down. If I started to even talk about all the hurdles, you’d probably stop reading and walk away. I have tripped over a lot of hurdles, believe me. What’s important isn’t tripping. It isn’t being knocked down. It’s standing up, dusting yourself off, and continuing on your path. You won’t fail unless you decide you’re just not going to get up.

Sure, when I’m first knocked down, I talk a good game. “I’m never going to run again.” or “I’m done writing forever!” or the ever-so popular, “Maybe running a business isn’t for me.” But then, not even twenty minutes later, I’m signing up for a half-marathon, doing a word-sprint on my novel, or replying to the latest inquiry into my services and adding to my marketing plan.

Take Quitting off the Table

Just take it off. Even if you feel like you want to quit, it’s not an option if you want to be successful in the endeavor you’re undertaking. Fall down once, get up once. Fall down fifty times, get up fifty times. Take whatever caused you to fall as a lesson, figure out how you can prevent it in the future, and adjust your course of travel.

I keep getting up because quitting just isn’t an option – even if I entertain the idea for a moment or two once in a while when things get tough. Instead, I take a brutally honest look at where I went wrong and then recommit myself to my goal.

Get Back on *a* Horse

Sometimes, it is true that a particular horse is not the horse for you. Perhaps a business idea you thought was viable just isn’t viable or your knees really cannot withstand the impact from running. When life deals those cards, it’s time to take a deep breath, evaluate what you can do about the situation, and modify your course. Don’t stop! Just because this horse isn’t for you doesn’t mean there isn’t a horse that you’re more compatible with. Find that horse, get on it, and get on your way once you’ve given yourself time to regroup and recover.

What do you do when things get in the way of your success? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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