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What I’m Working On July 2018

I’ve got a lot going on, but that’s a good thing. In the past year, I started running again, I started new projects, I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of my decision to go into business for myself as an editorial consultant, and I learned to juggle three young children and work while my oldest headed off to college. We’ve finally gotten our house mostly set up (only 2 years after moving in) and can start to work on all those fun projects.

The summer has been hot here, making me much more ammenable to spending time at the keyboard rather than outside running about, though I’ve been getting my training in for a half marathon in October. Here’s what I’ve been up to career-wise.

Consulting Work

Creative Mindscape

I started with Creative Mindscape back in October 2017. Creative Mindscape is a web marketing consultancy specializing in SEO & Traffic Growth, Web Design, WordPress Hosting & Maintenance, Competitive Analysis, and Content Marketing. I recently took the position of being Vice President of Editorial Services. Some of the blog posts I’ve written for our company blog include:

I’m also managing social medial marketing for several clients. Creative Mindscape has great people, and I’m glad to be part of the project!


I’m still creating content for Enveritas Group’s Campfire Blog. Here are some of my recent posts there.

Other Consulting Work

Other editorial consulting projects I’ve been working on have included working on articles about addiction recovery for one client, developmental editing for a young adult novel, and editing academic writing for a third client.

Magazine Work

Equanimity Magazine

Equanimity Magazine recently released a blog, I built the site, and I’ve been responsible for the blog posts there. The blog will work like the magazine – we will profile neat individuals who are doing cool things, interview celebrities, follow Ben Lecomte’s swim across the Pacific Ocean, share tips on living one’s best life, and more. Recent posts include:

If you or someone someone you know should be featured on the blog, please email

SNARK! Magazine

I’m getting much closer to launching SNARK! Magazine. I found a graphic design tool for magazine creation that I think will work really well for getting the magazine going. I’m working on putting a list of writer, artist, and photographer guidelines together and I aim to launch this fall. If you are interested in contributing to the magazine, please email

Blogging Work

Wining Wife®

I’m about to start a content audit and site update of WiningWife®. It’s been a little while since I’ve worked on the site design. I’ve posted a lot of book reviews recently; I have some more wines to review and a cool kids’ cooking kit to review. Recent popular posts include:

I’m currently looking for food writers who would like to share recipes with clear photographs to feature on the blog. If you or someone you know would like to participate, please email NOTE: You must include links to published samples of both writing and photography to be considered.

Activism My Way

I took a little hiatus from Activism My Way while I was working on a project for the now defunct 50 States of Blue. I am planning on moving my evergreen articles from there over to this blog, I just haven’t had a moment to do that yet. Meanwhile, two recent articles are:

If you have an organization or an activist you’d like to see profiled on the blog, or if you’d like to write a guide on how to get involved in a cause you’re passionate about, please email

Just A Sec(ular) Homeschooler

This new blog has been launched. It will pick up steam as we get ready for the school year. This blog covers all aspects of homeschooling in general and the considerations those wishing to do so without any religious bias included in their schooling materials need to take into account. Recent posts include:

If you have a children’s or young adult’s book you would like me to review, a secular curriculum you’d like to review, or you’d like to network and see how we can work together, email

Guest Blog Posting

I have a guest blog I did through the Just a Secular Homeschooler blog up at the Minnesota Country Girl blog. The title was “Gardening with Kids When You’re Not a Gardener.


Dances With Crazy is almost finished (about 90% there), and I need to go back through and edit it before starting to put together a book submission package for it.  I’m working my way through editing the stories in Indier Gray and Other Stories, which will be a self-published collection, since many of the stories appeared in part on my website in the past.

I have a fun story about a guy who decides to go to school to become a witch doctor in progress, a young adult novel, and a short story about a protesting grandmother all in various states of production.

I’m taking a break before finishing up Night Song, which may be the hardest thing I’ve ever written.

Non-Profit Work

Equanimity Magazine is holding its awards gala benefitting JB Dondolo, Inc. at the end of this month in Lewisville, TX. That’s happening July 28 at 6:00 pm. You can purchase tickets for the Equanimity Awards Benefit Gala here.

Ronda B. Handmade

I’m getting ready to load a bunch of goodies onto Etsy, and I’m looking at getting some new, fun, fabrics in to make some custom kids’ clothing. I picked up pattern testing again recently. Here are my two recent blog posts on that. I have some more fun announcements coming about this project.

What’s Next?

i’m sure I’m forgetting something. I always have various things going on (hence why I need a complex system for getting things done!) I have a half marathon I’m training for coming in October. If you have a project you’d like to consult or collaborate with me on, you can contact me at

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