Looking Forward

This is Post 3 of a 31-Day Blogging Challenge hosted by the Ultimtate Blog Challenge.

Looking forward is hard to do right now, I’ll be honest. There are a lot of things I would like to do and accomplish, but at the same time my emotional bandwidth is short. Between dealing witth the pandemic and adding a fifth small person to the mix, it hasn’t been easy and I’ve been feeling pretty tired. The weight of the pandemic is crushingly heavy as there are always so many decisions to be made with so much riding on each decision.

That said, there are definitely things I want to accomplish going forward – namely publishing my fiction and more of my poetry and publishing homeschooling curriculum that provides a box/open and go curriculum for parents who want to homeschool kids with asynchronous development. How awesome would it be to be able to customize curriculum while also having an open and go format for it?

I’d also really love to get back to working with J.B. Dondolo as well as start my own nonprofit. My nonprofit goal is to start an organization that aids women with getting on their feet again once they are safe – whether that means gaining an education or finding childcare so they can work or even getting help with finding safe and affordable housing.

I’d also love to have my blogs running smoothly and making solid money each month. It would be great to have those getting posts on a regular basis. I’m thinking I will shut down the custom clothing part of Ronda B. Boutique and revert back to Ronda B. Handmade being a blog showing off what I’ve sewn. I may even wrap it back up in Wining Wife, which is where I was originally posting.

Finally, I want to publish a magazine and have a publishing company of my own. It’s my dream to be able to hire a staff.

What do you see when you look forward?

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