266800_163598457046599_6582003_o.jpgI have written a number of nonfiction works. My nonfiction has appeared in Equanimity Magazine, Cosmotourist, Urban Mainstream Magazine, and Metrowise. In addition to publishing articles, with Murali Chemuturi, I published a book on personal success in 2011 titled Success in Life: Personality Engineering. A second edition of this book is scheduled to debut in the coming months. Check back for more information about its release.

I have five nonfiction books in progress, including one, Much to Do About Suffering on the obligations of states to societies when it concerns suffering and meeting basic needs and one, Floxed, chronicling the severe adverse effects of a commonly prescribed antibiotic. More information on my planned books will be available as I progress on the book writing projects. Check back on my blog and hear for announcements about release dates.