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What I’m Working On October 2017

Happy Fall!

Right now as I write, my 22 month old is throwing a tantrum because the toy he is playing with isn’t doing what he wants it to do. The 3 1/2 year old is dancing in circles (literally) around him as he stomps, and the 5 month old is napping. A city near my hometown where I grew up is on fire, people are still reeling from last week’s shooting, and Puerto Rico still needs a lot of help. There is a lot of chaos in the world – both adjacent to where I am writing my monthly update from and at large. In fact, a lot of places in the world could use some love right now.

It’s easy to get bogged down in what is going on around us. But, even as I’ve written this first paragraph, the tantrum has calmed (with no intervention from myself), building has resumed, and everyone is happy again. Sometimes intervention is needed, and sometimes it is not. Sometimes the chaos causes me to stop what I’m doing, stand up, and redirect. Sometimes it causes me to look over, sometimes it’s just background noise.

The world is like that too. It’s all-too easy to let another news story go past without paying much attention to it, but sometimes, there’s a lot all at once, and it causes an egregious amount of human suffering, and we pause, regroup, and get back at it. September was like that for me. So much happened, that I had to stop for a minute, get my bearings back, and regroup. It meant I did not progress as far as I’d wanted to on goals I’d had, and I had to step back from a couple of projects I really wanted to work on. But here I am, back at it. Here’s what I’m working on this month:

Consulting Work

I’ve been continuing work for the recovery center. I’m about to write some recovery through the holidays articles for the center.

If you haven’t already seen them, check out my two articles for the EVG Campfire Blog that have come out in the past several weeks:

Keep your eyes out, because I’m finishing up another article for the Campfire Blog that should be out soon. Also, my stock images article was highlighted by the Content Management Institute’s newsletter.

I’m also going to be doing some blogging work for Creative Mindscapes starting this month.

Independent Scholar Work

Oh boy, do I have a lot going on in this category. I have some things that I need to put the finishing touches on, but here’s a list of current work in progress:

  1. Philosophy and Wikileaks – “They Can’t Handle the Truth: Plato’s Republic and Wikileaks”
  2. Encyclopedia of Sexism in American Cinema – Entries on Supergirl (1984) and Tank Girl (1995)
  3. Chicana and Chicano Movement – Entries on Chicana/o Poetry and Political Repression and Voter Rights
  4. Critical Perspectives on 21st Century Friendship: Representations, Identities, Roles, Work – an essay titled “‘I Mom SO Hard!’ Social Media Mom Groups and Competition, Drama, Education, and Friendship Between Moms”
  5. Music Around the World – entries on Acadian Music, Northwestern Coast Music, Inuit Music, Great Basin Music, and Bolero

I’m excited to be getting back into some of the research work I’ve been missing.

Magazine Work

The latest issue of Equanimity Magazine is out, and I have four articles in it. You can access the Fall Special issue here. Here are my article titles:

  • “Keep Growing: An Interview with Italian-American Singer and Actress Cristina Lizzul”
  • “The Voice’s Youngest Finalist: A Chat with Singer Aliyah Moulden”
  • “Rising Out of the Shadows: Philip Bowman’s Transcendence from Mischief to Ministry”
  • “Authentically Masiela: An Interview with Masiela Lusha of The Lopez Show and Sharknado 4

Blogging Work

My blogs have been a bit quiet lately. I’ll be posting more on them soon.
I’m also starting a partnership with a progressive startup. I will be writing about Kansas politics and activism.

Non-Profit Work

Our monthly JB Dondolo board meeting is taking place next week. We’ve had a lot of success recently, and I’m looking on sharing more information about that soon!

I’m sure I have a lot more to share that I haven’t listed here, I can’t wait to share it with you soon!

What are you working on this month?


#MotivationMonday Beating the Blues

When you’re feeling down, it can be hard to get things done. That’s why it’s so important to beat the blues and combat depression when you’re a person who wants to accomplish big things. But getting through the muck that is depression can be rough-going. Here are some ideas that can help you get back to making things happen – even if it’s only a little bit at a time.

1. Break Big Projects into Bite-Size Chunks

It’s no fun trying to get things done when everything you need to do seems so big. That’s why it’s important, especially when you’re trying to pull yourself up and out of a slump, to break those tasks into “micro-actions.” Instead of “cleaning the kitchen,” try “clean the clutter off the left counter.” Instead of “write the article,” try “write part one of section one of the article.” Julia at The Business Bakery runs a 100 Day Goal Challenge, and one of the biggest factors for success in the challenge is breaking the goal down into micro-actions that move you closer to your goal each day.

2. Keep Moving, Even if it’s at a Slower Pace

When you’re down, it’s tempting to stop and “couch and fondle the remote control” (Brownie points if you can identify what movie that’s from). But, at least for me, that leads to more feelings of despondency and despair – especially when you have goals you’re working toward. When you stop, you watch as your goals further move from you, you let people down who are counting on you, and the anxiety piles on. Instead, even if you have to slow down a little, try to get one thing done each day that moves you forward.

3. Enlist Help from an Accountability Partner

Sometimes, to get things done, it’s important to seek a support figure. If you don’t have an accountability partner, or if you’re not part of an accountability group, find one to be part of. (I run a Mastermind group for women on Facebook. The group exists for women to network and support one another; there is no advertising or selling allowed.) An accountability partner can help gently prod you into action, and can help remind you of what your goals are.

4. Play the “For Just Five Minutes Game”

It’s hard to get stared when you’re head isn’t in it. Try using a randomizer tool like this one. Select one small task from your list and commit yourself to it – for just 5 minutes – with a timer. The benefits of this are two-fold: There are many tasks that can be completed in under five minutes and sometimes five minutes is all you need in order to get jumping on a task.

5. Tidy Your Work Area Up

When you’re not feeling like doing much, sometimes it’s because you have a lot of clutter in your visual space. Try tidying your work area up just a bit to see how that can help. A lot of the time, it will feel like a load has been taken off – even if all you’ve managed to do is clear off your desk.

6. Revisit Your Goals and Projects Lists

Look them over. What has to be done? What can go for now? By looking over your lists, you can make some judgment calls that can help alleviate some of the overwhelm that can happen when there’s just too much to do.

What do you do when you’re feeling down but still need to get things done? Post your tips in the comments section.


#MotivationMonday Should You Push Through When You’re Exhausted?

I’m TIRED. I have small children who seem to never sleep, a student off at college embarking on his own adventure, a husband to hang out with, two businesses and soon-to-be three blogs. I help with a charity, I work to publish my own original work, and…

You get the idea.

Some days, I just want to climb right back into bed and nap the day away.
I’ll be honest, some days, I have to do just that.

In the United States, we have a culture of productivity and exhaustion. It almost seems like a competition, particularly in the mom set, to see who can continue to work while exhausted for the longest period of time. Heck, I’ve been known to really push myself when deadlines loom.

But over the years, I’ve learned something really important. If you work yourself to the bone, soon, all you will be is all-bone. You’ll stare into space, tune out, and feel burned out. You may even find yourself sick with some sort of respiratory infection (at least, for me, that’s how stress and exhaustion manifest) and knocked out of commission for weeks instead of hours.

Sometimes, you can get away with pushing through fatigue – but not always. At some point, it really does catch up with you, either in the form of all-out exhaustion, or illness, or burnout.

Sometimes, you really should stop and rest – even if you don’t want to. Sometimes, the best thing is to forgo a project or push back the date of a launch if you can.

So, dear readers, I throw this question out to you: Do you push through fatigue or do you stop and rest to save energy for another day? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

#MotivationMonday Make Getting Things Done into a Game

Not too long ago, Zulily had Fitbits on sale at a good discount. Mine finally arrived, and I’ve been wearing it for extra motivation to make sure I move each day. After a few days, I was like “meh, whatever.” Partly because I didn’t have the results I wanted on the scale Sunday morning, partly because the novelty of a wristband that tells you what you’ve done was wearing off. But then, Monday morning rolled around, and a few of the ladies from my pregnancy group have a work week challenge. Seeing the challenge up pulled out my competitive side and motivated me to get off my duff and keep with it.

Sometimes, we need a little healthy competition to push us along and keep us motivated. This can come in the form of an actual competition, as with the Fitbit challenges, or it can come in the form of the way we frame our work. For example, I often set a timer for how long I *think* something will take to get done, and then I see whether I can beat my estimate.

When I get really stuck for motivation, I’ll play a little game to get started. I’ll randomly choose what task I will work on for what set amount of time (5, 10, 15, 25, minutes). It helps to get into that mindset of “conquering” the tasks on my list and helps me to steer away from decision overload. This can particularly be helpful on days (like Mondays) when I’m not particularly feeling it.

What kinds of games do you play to boost your motivation? Share your thoughts in the comments.

What I’m Working On August 2017

Happy August! I’m glad we’re getting closer to fall, as autumn is my favorite season of the year. I’m sad we’re getting closer to fall because it means that in 11 days, my oldest will be moving to college. He’s going to have a great time, though, and he’ll get to study what he loves – music and theater. Things have been slow-ish around here, as they usually are during the summer, but the momentum is picking up. Here’s what I’m working on this month.


Getting the new blog, Just a Sec(ular) Homeschooler, up and running has been taking a little longer than I’d like, but I’m happy to say, it will be debuting its first post at the end of this month.  Yay! Don’t worry, I’ll make a big announcement about it when it launches.

I haven’t posted on Activism My Way in a little while. That will change soon.

I’ve posted a lot of book reviews on Wining Wife® recently. If you are looking for a good read for the last few weeks of summer, you’ll want to head over there and check it out. I also wrote a review of Bean Box. I love coffee as much as I love wine, and we loved the trial of this coffee subscription box so much that we decided to continue it.

I also started a weekly “Motivation Monday” post on this blog.

Non-Profit Work

J.B. Dondolo is hosting the “To Give Is To Love Gala” in Dallas on November 10th. We need to sell tables of 10 to companies. If you or someone you know would be interested in attending this splendid event, you can purchase tickets here. Proceeds go toward getting clean water to Igusi Hosptial. you can read more about J.B. Dondolo here.

We’d love to get a couple more fundraising events going as well. Please, if you’re using Amazon for a purchase, choose to do so through Amazon Smile ( and select our charity. There is no additional cost to you for doing this.

Equanimity Magazine

The summer edition of Equanimity Magazine is out! Lumbie Mlambo, CEO of the magazine is on the cover. You can find the issue here, and be sure to check out my article, “A Five-Minute Productivity Solution.” I have a few interviews to write up for the next issue, including a chat with a new Christian rap music artist.

Ronda B. Handmade

I just got in a bunch of fabric so that I can make some fun things. I’ll be participating in a couple of blog tours in September. I’m also looking forward to sewing to stock my online shop. You can join my Facebook group. It’s quiet right now, but I’ll be loading more into it soon.

Now is the time to place orders for Halloween. Please contact me through the group if you’re looking for a custom Halloween costume in order to allow plenty of time to get the costume.


I’m continuing to work for EVG, the recovery center, and a new app developer. You can read my latest EVG post here “How to Emergency-Proof Your Content.” I have an academic abstract to finish editing for a client as well.

Independent Scholar

I had an abstract accepted for the upcoming Wikileaks and Philosophy volume. I’m really excited about that. I’ll be working on my essay between now and then.

I’m sure there are things I’m leaving out, but those are the big projects on my horizon this month. So now, I turn the tables and ask you, what are you working on this month?

#MotivationMonday: Kick-Starting Your Week

It’s Monday! That means it’s time to get a good start on your week. Last week, we talked about motivators that get us moving on our goals. This week, we’re going to talk about great ways to kick-start your week to a good start. What sorts of things do you do to get ready for the week ahead?

Planning for a Great Week

The most important thing, when you’re trying to make progress on goals, is to have a great week. I use Monday mornings to look over my goals, my projects, and my action items. I then plan out what I will do for the week. By reviewing what’s going on each week before I dive in, I can be sure I’m not overlooking something important on the horizon.

Keeping Accountable

If you have big goals, and you don’t have an accountability partner yet, you’re missing out on a key way you can become more motivated. Every Monday, I check in with my accountability partner. We go over our “wins” from the previous week, our continuing projects, and new things we’d like to accomplish in the coming week.

Meal Prep

This is new. It’s something my husband and I have started to do on Sundays to keep us eating healthy for breakfasts, snacks, and lunches all week long. It now means that there is no excuse for either one of us having a healthy lunch or snack while in the trenches of tasks – and a well-fueled body is a productive body!

Getting a Big Win Out of the Gate

It’s also important to me to complete one big task off my action item list on Mondays. It sets the tone for a great and productive week.

By engaging in the above habits, it helps me to look forward to Mondays (as much as one can look forward to ending the weekend). What do you do to ensure you have a productive week? Share your Monday prep-work in the comments.

#Motivation Monday: What Gets You Moving?

I’m starting a new series of posts here on my blog: I want to talk about motivation and what helps us to feel motivated. I think it’s an important thing to discuss, and I also think that a lot of people conflate “motivation” with “inspiration.”

What helps get me moving:

One of the things that gets me moving is seeing previous successes start to add up. For example, I am working on losing weight. When I track my food and my exercise and see the results adding up with the loss of pounds, that helps to keep me motivated and moving forward.

Tracking progress is important. Even if you’re having successes, if you’re not tracking how these add up, you’re missing out on a key push factor for having future successes. I always find that when I am good about tracking my various accomplishments, it helps push me forward to further accomplishments.

What could you start tracking so that you can move forward in your goals?

How to track progress:

First you have to decide what “progress” looks like for your particular goals. For the weight-loss example, it’s clear: Moving toward that goal weight.

Then, you need to figure out what you will track. Will you simply track the amount of weight lost? Will you track calories and exercise minutes?

Finally, you need to find a system that works for you: a spreadsheet, database, app, etc. I use MyFitnessPal to track calories, exercise, weight, and body measurements.

So, what gets you moving?

What are the things that help you get and stay motivated? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


What I’m Working On: July 2017

It’s been hot here in Kansas, and we have the air conditioning bill to prove it. I am not a person who enjoys the heat, and I need good ways to cut back on the bill – so if you have suggestions, please share them with me!

Since the last time I updated, I’ve been doing a lot of catch-up work to get current on all my projects. I did a massive “weekly review” that was more like a 2-month review when I got done with it, and I learned a new trick for my action items: sorting them into context and the time I estimate it will take to complete them. This has increased what I’ve been able to do by a lot.

Speaking of action items, I’m hoping to get a post up here sharing two tools I’ve been using that really have helped with my focus and productivity in the past several months.

That said, let’s get down to business. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

Consulting Work

For my consulting work, I’ve been continuing to provide blog posts on recovery issues for one client, respond to emails and create email templates for another client, and provide EVG with blog posts. I should have a post appearing on the EVG blog in the coming days, and I have another post I’m working on for them that will cover the importance of fact-checking content. I’m also waiting for my developmental editing client to get back to me with the next chapter of her book. Later today, I’ll be sending out a stack of letters of introduction to prospective clients.


I’m finishing up a list of questions for a plus size model I’m interviewing for an upcoming issue of Equanimity MagazineI wrote an article on how you can use five minute intervals to boost your productivity muscles, and I’m finishing up editing another interview I put together for the magazine. I may have two more interviews coming up for the magazine. I need to nail them down and get dates for the interviews.

I have a few article pitches to put together for other magazines on my list. I’ll be working on those more next week.

Independent Scholar

I’m putting together a few abstracts for some independent scholar projects I want to get in on, if possible. I’m also talking with someone about contributing to an encyclopedia covering pop culture topics.

Nonprofit Work

As a board member of J.B. Dondolo, Inc., I’ve been working on a few projects. The most important of these two has been constructing a list of potential donors and putting together a proposal for a fundraising idea I had that would help us complete our goal of finishing the renovations at Igusi Hospital. We’re also working on planning our annual charity event in Dallas.

I recently learned that the ACLU has opened a field office in Wichita. I want to check in with them and a few other organizations to see what I can do to help them.

I’ve also officially put two ideas I’ve had for nonprofit foundations into my “someday/maybe” box in my projects tracking system.

Ronda B. Handmade

I have a pair of pants that will be going out to a customer soon, and be sure you check back soon. I’ve started signing up for blog tours again, and I’m hoping to get back to testing patterns for designers. More importantly, I will be stocking the Facebook group soon with fun products for purchase.

Fiction and Poetry

I heard back from one of the places I submitted a short story I wrote, and it was a “no” answer. I need to take a look at the short story, see if it needs any finessing, and send it out again. I’m still waiting to hear back from The Missouri Review about my poetry submission. I have more poems to send out into the world, and two more short stories to edit and start sending out.

Nonfiction Work

I just need to finish the cover design and formatting for the book on success and upload it. After that, it will be time to get the advance copy for final proofing before making it available to customers. I’m looking forward to making an announcement that it’s ready for purchase soon.


After some setbacks, Just a Sec(ular) Homeschooler will launch in a couple of weeks. Activism My Way is still on hold, but I’m hoping to start to get back to it next week. Meanwhile, I’ve done a lot of book reviews for Wining Wife. I also reviewed a coffee box subscription. I have a list of wine reviews to get up onto the blog, and I’m really excited about some of the ideas I have for new content there.


I’m waiting to hear back about a submission of photographs I made to a literary and art journal. I’m also working on editing some of my photographs and offering canvases and posters of them for purchase.

I think that about covers it. I’ve been a busy bee in between homeschooling, toddler-tending, nursing, getting a teenager ready for college, and being married. I’m really looking for some tips on how to make my social media efforts more streamlined so I can focus more on the interesting projects I have going on.

What have you been working on lately?


What I’ve Been Working On: June 2017

I didn’t update in June because I was mostly away from my computer. I have a very good reason, though. We welcomed baby four, Miss Ladybug, to our family. You can read about her arrival on Wining Wife, here. Here she is:

That said, I haven’t done a lot in the past six weeks since her arrival. I’ve taken care of outstanding client projects, but mostly, I’ve taken things easy and enjoyed my time bonding with her and getting our family’s new routine down pat. This post, instead of being a retrospective, will be a post that is looking forward.

2017 is almost halfway done. Can you believe it? I can’t. I’m thinking about my goals for the next six months, and I’ve got a lot of good stuff on the horizon.


I’m looking forward to picking back up with Wining Wife and bringing more wine reviews to my readers now that I can enjoy wine tasting again. I’m still looking for some people to collaborate with on Activism My Way. I’m looking forward to launching Just a Sec(ular) Homeschooler soon.


I have an article coming out in Equanimity soon, and I’ve interviewed another great individual for the magazine. I’m looking forward to nailing down a second interview for the next issue of the magazine as well.

Non-Profit Work

I’m finding out more about a local organizing opportunity. I’m also working on pulling together a list of possible donors for J.B. Dondolo.


I’ve been working with a client on his public relations email project for the last couple of months and I plan to continue doing that. I’m also working with the recovery center and EVG on providing blog posts. I’m looking for a few more clients for this summer to round out my list.

Independent Scholar

I have a few projects I want to work on in this area. This means I need to carve out some time to put together some abstracts.

Fiction and Poetry

I’m waiting to hear back from the Missouri Review about my poetry submission to them.


I’m hoping to *finally* finish getting the new edition of the book on success I co-authored edited and back in publication.

Ronda B. Handmade

I have some new fabrics and I’m looking forward to stocking my store. I sent this outfit out in May to a customer.

I think that’s about it for now. I’ll have a lot more in the coming weeks, and i’m looking forward to sharing more productivity tips with you.

What have you been doing lately?

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