eqtI have been writing and serving as Senior Editor for Equanimity Magazine since its inception in 2009. While writing for the magazine, I have interviewed a number of notable people including:

  • Mark Victor Hanson
  • Kevin Sorbo
  • Michelle May
  • Cory Saintgnue
  • Barbara Taylor Bradford
  • Gloria Loring
  • Benoit Lecomte

Equanimity Magazine focuses on every day people doing great things who want to improve their lives. From the Equanimity Magazine website:

Equanimity Magazine shares the stories of those who are beginning, growing, and those who have succeeded in reaching the balance that allows us to pursue our dreams and goals in life. It is our hope that readers will gain insight from people in various industries and walks of life from around the world. Our magazine provides access to tools for productivity and planning and inspiration in abundance. The magazine is also a platform for emerging talents. We are seeking out the most talented from around the world in order to support their careers by providing them much needed acknowledgment within the pages of Equanimity Magazine.

Should you be interested in learning more about Equanimity Magazine, please contact Lumbie Mlambo via the magazine’s website here.

cropped-snarkIn addition to working for Equanimity Magazine, I have plans for magazine launches of my own. The first magazine in the works is Snark! Magazineand it will be launched later this year. From the Snark! Magazine website:

Members of our audience are self-denying hipsters, educated individuals, and those who feel the American Dream is dead. If ever you’ve had the experience of being over-qualified for jobs you have experience to do well and under-qualified for jobs you would love, we’re your forum. Our readers enjoy local coffee shops, farmers’ markets, and D-I-Y crafts. They’ve bought or sold goods on Etsy, run their own blog, and have attended local shows to support the music scene.

Should you be interested in learning more about Snark! Magazine, please contact me via