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What I’m Working On – September Edition

What I'm Working On

I have a lot going on right now, but there is nothing new about that. That’s kind of how things are every month. I kicked off a series of posts about productivity and how I go about getting things done when there’s a lot to do.The introduction post and first post about productivity methods are both up. The next two posts will be out this week. I will continue to post about productivity on here for a little while, and then I will switch to talking about entrepreneurship. Other planned posts include how to fill out a time map and how to get things done when you just have a few minutes to dedicate to those things.

Consulting Work

I’ve been working with a recovery facility to produce blog posts for their website. Topics I’ve written about include letting go of toxic people when recovering from addictions and how to take care of yourself while recovering. I also wrote a natural health article for another client needing content for his blog.

I started work on an editing project with a former client. She’s working on putting together a fun Nancy Drew-type mystery based upon a true story. I’m really excited about this project and about helping to coach her in her journey. This will be her second book.

You can read more about my writing, content writing, social media, research, and editing services here. A recent client experienced 2265% Twitter follower growth while I managed her account.

I have a couple inquiries in that I will be responding to this week.I also will be doing my first Tuesday of the month follow ups with former clients and leads.

I hope to finish the rebranding of the Writing, Research, and Editing by Ronda Bowen website in the next couple of weeks so that I can have a formal relaunch of it. I’ll also be sharing blog posts there about how to maintain a blog, strategize for social media marketing, write content for websites, write research papers and reports, and more. I’m looking forward to getting it back up and fully running again.

Freelance Writing

I’m working on finishing up three interview articles for the next issue of Equanimity MagazineI’ll also be doing some promotional work for the magazine’s upcoming Gala benefiting JB Dondolo. Speaking of JB Dondolo, you can find an article about the magazine and charity’s founder, Lumbie Mlambo here. I am quoted in the article.

I also am finishing up work on an article about the writer’s life for a literary arts journal. I can’t wait to share that with you when it comes out.


I have a new blog launching soon, Just a Secular HomeschoolerI’ll have an official launch date for it really soon. I’m very excited to be starting that project and to be sharing tips for educating children at home with readers. Early posts will include how to get started with homeschooling, how to plan a day of homeschooling, where to find secular homeschooling resources, and an overview of different homeschooling styles.

I took a good bit of August off from blogging on my own blogs. We took a tour of some universities and had a little bit of a vacation. Wining Wife posts were:

Upcoming posts for Wining Wife include several wine reviews and recipes, some book reviews, and another sewing tour. I’m also working on a book associated with this site.

I also wrote a guest blog post for the Mabel Madison blog (in addition to editing some of the posts that went up. You can read Free Girls Dress Patterns here.

Upcoming posts for Activism My Way include discussing the events going on in North Dakota, an article about plastic-loving bacteria, and a food pantry that caters to families suffering from food allergies.

Ronda B. Handmade

Speaking of launches, the launch party for Ronda B. Handmade went really well. I got the brand name out and we had lots of fun playing games. I have beaded earrings available for sale on the site, and I’ve added a mystery box for children’s clothing to the site. Within the next two weeks, I will be listing custom clothing options for sale as well. In the coming months, I will be adding home goods, accessories, and women’s and men’s clothing options to the store. I can’t wait!

Next month I hope to have another big fun announcement about another project I’m working on getting ready to launch and more information about the publication of the co-authored book.

Since I’m going to be writing about entrepreneurship and productivity, what topics are you looking forward to learning more about? Please post your thoughts in the comments section!


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