#MotivationMonday Create Habits to Make Repetitive Tasks “Mindless” Tasks

When you have a lot of daily tasks, it can be daunting to check them off. Sometimes, too, we develop bad habits with regards to daily tasks. When you have a lot of repetitive tasks, it makes sense to track them as you would a habit, so that they become automatic to you.

Define The Task

Give some definition to the task at hand. Determine what you need to do to call the task complete, and write it down. This will help you to have defined start and end points for your new habit.

Create a Habit Tracker

Many people are using habit trackers in their bullet journals and planners. Consider using a habit tracker to ensure that your tasks get done when they need to at the intervals in which they need to get done.

Don’t Skip It!

Just like skipping teeth-brushing can ruin your dental health, skipping your repetitive task can be damaging to your productivity and can inhibit your ability to meet your long-term goals. Even if it’s going to be done late, do it! It’s always worth it when you do.

Do It Well

Don’t just go through the motions. Aim to complete your task to the highest of your abilities. Take pride in your work – no matter how repetitive (and boring) a task may seem to you at the time. You never know who is watching.

Create a Trigger So It Becomes Automatic

If you cannot automate the task yourself, you might as well figure out a trigger task that will make your repetitive task automatic. Trying to keep on top of budgeting? Go out for a coffee on a Monday afternoon. Trying to keep up with your weekly review? Put on your favorite music to rock out to for a soundtrack.

How do you make repetitive tasks automatic?

Share your favorite #MotivationMonday tip in the comments section.

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